The Desired Effect Standard CD
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The Desired Effect Standard CD

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The Desired Effect Standard CD  Item #: BGCDFW02
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Ahlin (9/7/2015)
If the desired effect was for me to sing along loudly to every song and play it on repeat and never stop talking about it ever, mission accomplished.
Antonia (9/3/2015)
I took an aditional week to get my Desired Effect CD (shipped to Peru), but it worth it! I love all the songs!
Nicole Graco (8/30/2015)
The Desired Effect is brilliant from beginning to end. It just grips you with the grand opening of chimes and a booming brass section in "Dreams Come True" and captivates you with body moving grooves throughout the album. It's a great synth pop album that stays with you even when you aren't physically listening to it. Every song is an earworm in the most delightful way. I particularly appreciate the way Brandon Flowers is able to create and maintain his own musical identity apart from The Killers. Lyrically, Brandon Flowers has this keen ability to create stories and transform them into songs that tell the tales of love, loss, struggle, faith and the forgotten. I'm intrigued by each of his stories on this record from an ex-con struggling with falling back into his old ways in "Diggin' Up the Heart," to the eerie first person sympathies of a stalker in "Lonely Town". All in all it is a fantastic album. It was nice touch that the lyrics were included in the inlay, as well.
Joanne (8/28/2015)
I love this CD!! It always puts me in a great mood when I listen to it. Brandon's voice is amazing and I love the pop synth feel of the CD. I couldn't tell you what my favorite songs are because they change, depending on my mood. I feel that every song on the CD is a great and well worth purchasing.
Peter (8/27/2015)
Different from his first album, but very good melodies nonetheless!
Irena (8/26/2015)

Megan C. (8/26/2015)
The only way this album could have been better is if it were LIVE, oh wait I did see him Live! PERFECT! 5 stars!
Li (8/26/2015)
Great!! Enjoy listening to it everyday. Listen to it on my way to work!
Shine78 (8/26/2015)
Brandon does it again! His album is creative and a must have! My favorites are Dreams Come True and Still Want You. I like the positive lyrics and the beat. And if you have a chance to see him perform it live...Go! I got to see him perform at the National in VA.... Amazing! Keep It Going Brandon!
Laura (8/26/2015)
I love this CD! There is nothing better than dancing to Digging up the Heart when you're feeling down. That being said, I did have problems with downloading the bonus songs. I e-mailed the site for help, and no one has responded, so I do not have the bonus songs. But now I realize this is just a review for the standard CD, so ignore that part. Honestly, it's easier to download from Itunes than it is from this site. You have to download to a computer, and then upload to your phone or Itunes. Hello? 2001 called and would like its processes back. I bought 2 copies of this CD, one here, and one on Itunes, and just had the automatic download from Itunes instead of lugging out a computer.
Lauren Vaughn (8/26/2015)
I love pre-ordering CDs so this was a treat. The only thing I will say is there were a variety of packages for the pre-sale (ie one with a t-shirt, one offering a signed copy to the first couple who order, etc) and I THOUGHT I purchased the one with the t-shirt but must have clicked just the CD. My only advice would be to better list, display, and describe the different packages. Thanks!
Conor (8/26/2015)
Great CD! Works perfectly.
Oscar Leon (8/26/2015)
We love it.
Isalina s. (9/20/2015)
Great album, and amazing live show. There were 2 songs that weren't 5 stars, but they weren't less than 4. Amazing work as always from any of the membersame of the killers .